Fri. Jun 24th, 2022

Hinkley Point C

Is this biggest Industrial Flop in British History?

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Where to start ? As I say do your research it always helps. Try to avoid the social media and the false news wave, if you can that is. I am also guilty of that. Even if you think you know they answer still double check.
So typically, its good to drag it out but I will get straight to the point.
If you have not heard of this calamity please brace yourself UK citizens, for another financial blow is on the horizon for many of us, however as sturdy brits, we will remain strong and we will be OK!
First things first , … whether you are a domestic electricity customer with a meter or a sole trader or ltd business or any other hard-working person that is to keep it together and use electricity for commercial use , unfortunately, things are about to get a tad worse financially, especially if you own a commercial electricity meter you should get a meter check in the UK. Just to protect your business against this price rise. However don’t panic just yet. Help is at here and here to stay.
Hinkley Point C is currently been being built on British Soil -, it’s a nuclear power plant ( please look it up)
This is disrupting our beautiful land in away I cant comprehend and costing us the tax payers billions., a big blooper by EDF and other contractors that started years ago is now on track to be to 7 years behind schedule and approx estimations and £3- £30 billion over budget. Where will they
recover this substantial mis-hap from ? for a mistake made by our hierarchy.(answers on a post card please ) . .just like automatic enrolment for pensions (business owners will know ) which was good
but hard for business owners , they both very similar in one way, a hidden tax increase that is being forced on a community of hard-working business owners who are getting impatient, no matter how you look it its not fair.
that would take our wholesale electricity price from £50.25 (2020) to £92.50 approx (2022) this is a whopping 51% rise approximately for Hinkey Point C.
The very simple answers is by going green, check out the green deal, you can also visit, They may save you thousands, really worth a look.
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Hinkley Point C – The worlds most expensive power station 2020