Fri. Jun 24th, 2022

Another of the UK’s small energy companies has gone bust, bringing the total number of energy suppliers that have collapsed in the past three months after a massive surge in energy market prices to 25.

Zog Energy, which supplies gas to around 11,700 households, announced on its website that it had ceased to trade and that the energy regulator Ofgem, would appoint a new supplier to take on its customers.

Ofgem has been forced to find new suppliers for more than 2 million households affected by the collapse of energy suppliers since the start of September. The fate of another 1.7 million Bulb Energy customers is yet to be decided by a special administrator, which was appointed to handle the large-scale collapse.

The current list of suppliers (domestic and none domestic) that have collapsed since the start of this year is shocking, with most being smaller suppliers attempting to offer better deals on household energy bills to customers that simply cannot afford the current ridiculous energy prices.

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