Fri. Jun 24th, 2022

BP is planning a new large-scale green hydrogen production facility in the north east of England that could deliver up to 500MWe of hydrogen production ‎by 2030.

HyGreen Teesside will be developed in multiple stages, with an initial ‎phase of 60MWe aiming to start production by 2025, and a final investment decision on the ‎project is expected in 2023.‎

The company said that it will rely on renewable energy power purchase agreements at first but eventually aims to plug in the clean power it is developing around the UK.

BP already has a blue hydrogen project in development on Teesside and said it along with other initiatives in the area will create high-quality jobs in both construction and operations.

The projects will support local ‎education, skills development and the development will also catalyze a highly skilled UK-based hydrogen ‎supply chain, it added.

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