Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

Across the world prices for fossil fuels will increase dramatically specifically for gas and electricity and also potentially for petrol and diesel, this is quite the unfortunate time for prices to rise right after the Covid-19 pandemic which has caused thousands of businesses to shut down or cease operation temporarily, because of this we seriously recommend businesses try and get a fixed 5 year contract with a specific energy provider that offers a decent price, we recommend using to help your business find a better contract with a green energy supplier to help follow the climate change act regulations.

For homeowners we recommend you use to help you switch providers to a better option for yourself, it’s a good non profit organization where all their proceedings go to some form of charity.

You might be asking yourself why switch now? Well the main reason being that the prices could rise as soon as October of this year, the prices could rise as high as an extra £139 a year for regular households. Switching to a better deal could be very helpful for you especially in such difficult times financially recently due to Covid-19.